C Spire Wireless trades in unlimited data for infinite data

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C Spire Wireless

Cellular South announced on Thursday it would be changing its name to C Spire Wireless. Customers will begin to see the visual changes in Cellular South on Monday morning. We covered all the changes C Spire Wireless will present to its customers in an earlier post. Among the list of service changes is C Spire’s take on unlimited data. C Spire isn’t going to be using that term anymore. From now on, C Spire will offer its customers infinite data plans.

C Spire Wireless CEO Victor “Hu” Meena briefly touched on the concept of infinite data during a conference call Thursday afternoon. Meena didn’t elaborate on infinite data until he was pressed with a question. Basically, C Spire Wireless believes the term “unlimited” when referring to data is a misconstrued word.

In many cases, Unlimited data isn’t truly unlimited. Some carriers will slow done the network speed of users who go over a certain bandwidth cap within a billing cycle. C Spire Wireless aspires to be different.

C Spire Wireless will offer customers what it calls infinite data. There are some strings attached though. Infinite data only applies to “messaging and web data.” Streaming data will be separate and offered for an additional cost.

Meena said the C Spire network was built for data usage. The carrier is also testing a 4G LTE network, but no timeline was given for its eventual activation.

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