Barnes & Noble could be launching 2 Nook Colors this year

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Amazon has an event planned for next week to presumably announce the Kindle tablet, but Barnes & Noble won’t sit idly by as that happens. It seems that Barnes & Noble is planning on releasing not one, but two new Nook Colors this year.

According to The Digital Reader, Barnes & Noble is planning two Android-based tablet this year, codenamed Encore and Acclaim. Encore would likely be the successor to the current Nook Color. It would have the same 7-inch screen, but would be updates in terms of specs. It would likely retail for the same $249 price, with the e-ink Nook Touch also keeping the same price at $149.

The Acclaim, however, would cost $349, a full $100 more than the Nook Color. There really isn’t much that’s know about this tablet, accept that it holds the same name as a video game publisher that closed a few years ago. The Digital Reader thinks it might have something to do with games, which could make sense. Barnes & Noble does own GameStop, so this could be that. It would mark GameStop’s official entrance into the tablet market, and give the company a great way to leverage it’s Kongregate game portal. Or it could just be a code name for a larger or 3G-enabled Nook Color for all we know.

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