Facebook music app lets you stalk your friend’s musical tastes

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Facebook Spotify

Last week, Facebook announced partnerships that brings music streaming services such as Spotify, MOG and Rdio to the social network. By linking your account from these services with Facebook, you’ll be reporting on the songs you are listening to all the time. Friends will be able to see your song selections on their news ticker in real-time. Since activity can get buried very quickly in the news ticker. Facebook has set up an application that keeps track the songs your friends are listening to.

You can find the “Music” application on the left-hand side of Facebook homepage. It’s here where you’ll find a history of songs your fiends have listened to since linking their Facebook accounts with one of the supported music services. Individual songs show up as well as full playlists. By clicking on one of the songs (linked to Spotify for example), your Spotify application will open and play that same song.

The music app also shows trending albums on Spotify and top songs as dictated by your friends.

The activity on this page will be determined by your friend’s willingness to share their music through Facebook. If you’re the only one who likes trying out new things, your friends will have all the fun mocking your love of strange music.

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