Amazon source code could hint at Netflix-like eBook service

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Amazon Prime eBooks

Recently there was a rumor that Amazon could be working on a Netflix-like eBook rental service, and now there’s some more evidence to back up that rumor. A few lines in’s source code show references to the service that will be called Prime eBooks, along with code hinting at how it will work.

The source code was found by a poster over at MobileRead, and it will likely be part of the announcement on September 28. Along with the line of code referring to Prime eBooks, there’s some code that mentions loaning books. More specifically it mentions deleting books that are checked out from Prime, saying they’ll be permanently deleted from your library after they are deleted. That’s not to be confused with the code for library loans which also mentions that the books will be returned to the library. The lines of code in question are over at The eBook Reader.

A Netflix-like book service would be perfect for those who read a lot of books, and tend to not return to them. Sure, there’s always a public library, but they don’t always have the books you want, and not all of them offer books through your Kindle. If this links to Amazon Prime that would be even better. The only question I have is will all books be available, or just the books that the publishers allow? It wouldn’t make sense for all new releases to be available, but older books seem questionable. We’ll have to wait for Amazon’s announcement, but for now I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to use this to get through the need few books in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Read [The eBook Reader]

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