Instagram surpasses 10 million users within a year

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Instagram Instagram launched back in October 2010, and 11 months later already has version 2.0 of its app and over 10 million users. With that Instagram has reached 10 million users faster than most other social networks.

To put Instagram’s 10 million users into context, Foursquare took two years to reach the same level. Facebook and Twitter also took two years to reach the same number of people. But, all of those services had apps for multiple platforms, or were built for the web. Instagram managed to get that huge number of users with just an iOS app. After Instagram 2.0 was released, the servie also saw record numbers of sign-ups per second. This past weekend Instagram added roughly 75 users each minute.

Of course, Instagram let users push their photos to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, and most any other service which could have helped with the growth. Still, the number 10 million is impressive for a photo sharing service. Maybe now Instagram can get moving on the Android app to get even more users, just as soon as they find the people that can do it.

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