Windows Phone 7 web Marketplace is now open for business

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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Microsoft has launched a website that makes downloading applications on Windows Phone 7 devices much easier. The web marketplace serves the same purpose as the web-based Android Market. Users can log in using their Windows Live ID and purchase apps. Unlike the Android Market, the Windows Phone market website also gives potential customers more information on the latest Windows Phone 7 smartphones and provides guides on how to use the many features on WP7.

The marketplace is broken down into apps and games. Those categories both contain subsections such as Xbox Live, Free, Top and New. Each app has a product page that shows screenshots, download size, a description and reviews.

There are a few ways to get the apps onto a Windows Phone. The easiest way is by enabling automatic installations on the phone. This will allow apps to install as soon as they’re purchased on the website. Customers can also install apps via SMS or through email.

Via [Windows Phone Marketplace]

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