Sprint’s new Direct Connect service rolls out October 2

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Back in July, Sprint announced two phones that will take advantage of its new Direct Connect network. Direct Connect is a push-to-talk service that is identified by the iconic “chirp.” Sprint Direct Connect will become available on October 2.

Sprint Direct Connect is a big update to Sprint’s current push-to-talk service. In addition to covering a broader area, Direct Connect will support additional push services in the future. Sprint hasn’t revealed what those features may turn out to be.

In 2012, Direct Connect will expand to the same size as Sprint’s CDMA network. An international rollout of Direct Connect is also coming in 2012
Direct Connect is capable of connecting 20 people at once, making audio notifications to customers that are trying to be reached and other additional features for Direct Connect customers.

Sprint has only announced two phones as flagship devices that will use Direct Connect. Those devices are the Kyocera DuraCore and the Kyocera DuraMax.

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