Amazon’s Kindle Fire could end up being a rushed product

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Amazon tablet hitting stores later this year On Monday, TechCrunch reported the official name for Amazon’s tablet is the Kindle Fire. Before that story came out, TechCrunch was also able to get some hands-on time with the tablet. Although no actual photo of the Kindle Fire exists, it apparently resembles the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s probably no coincidence those two tablets favor each other. According to gdgt, Amazon turned to Quanta, the company that designed the PlayBook, to work on the Kindle Fire. Quanta reportedly designed the Kindle Fire using the PlayBook as a template to speed up production. As a result, the first Kindle Fire we see may not be the ideal Kindle Fire Amazon wants to sell.

Sources for gdgt says the first Kindle Fire is “supposed to be pretty poor.” Amazon is supposedly releasing the Kindle Fire this year to establish some sort of market presence. It’s also believed Amazon is releasing the Kindle Fire to go up against the new Nook Colors this year.

As a result of this rush-to-market scenario, gdgt’s sources say Amazon is going to release another Kindle tablet in early 2012.

Amazon could decide to push back the follow-up to the Kindle Fire to avoid enraging customers who purchased the first generation Kindle Fire months prior.

We shouldn’t pre-judge the quality of the Kindle Fire based on this news. It could still be a very good product even if Amazon had higher expectations for it.

Via [gdgt]

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