“Let’s talk iPhone” says we’re only seeing iPhone 5

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Today, Apple sent out invitations to an event to be held on October 4th with the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone”. As usual, those that read the tea leaves are staring at the icons on the invitation to see what can be gleamed from Apple’s penchant for attention to detail. We’re honing in on the “iPhone” part.

The company stated iPhone, not iPhones. In singular form, we take that to mean we’ll see just one new iPhone. Not multiples, not a new mini-phone to draw in the kids of the day. Just one new iPhone.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see a revised iPhone 4. Many analysts are calling for a down-graded (8gb) iPhone 4 to take over the sub $100 range while the iPhone 5 claims the top price tag. We don’t expect this to be renamed an iPhone 4S or something similar.

And what about iPads? Rumors were flying earlier that an iPad 3 was going to peak out at this pre-holiday event showing off a Retina Display and a faster A5 chipset. It would appear that isn’t going to happen either.

Could this be the end of iPod events as well? This time of year was where we’ve seen iPod events where the new models would roll out. Has the market become saturated or cannibalized enough that Apple is now done with those days?

About all we’re certain of is we’ll be chatting about iPhones come 10/4.

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