Sony wants theaters to start paying for 3D glasses

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Supplying 3D glasses for movie theaters has become too expensive for Sony Pictures Entertainment. According to Hollywood Reporter, Sony will stop picking up the tab for 3D glasses on May 1, 2012. Popular 3D movies can result in movie studios spending up to $10 million on glasses alone, so Sony wants theaters to look into new ways to earn revenue from 3D glasses.

When the general public goes to a theater to see a 3D movie, they tend to pay a higher ticket price for the privilege. The theater then gives 3D glasses to customers who are trusted to return the 3D glasses after the movie is over. Sony and other like-minded studios would prefer it if customers purchased their own 3D glasses from the theater. Theaters could theoretically earn more money by selling 3D glasses just like concessions, but customers may become resistant to the change. Customers already have to pay a premium for a 3D movie. Chances are they wouldn’t be too happy with a second charge.

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