Evernote rolls-out latest Skitch for Android update

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Evernote announced the acquisition of Skitch a short while back and almost immediately rolled support for Skitch into their Evernote app. And well, it looks like they are continuing to roll-out additional updates. But perhaps more important for Skitch users that were not Evernote users — they have updated the Skitch for Android app. This latest update brings the app up to version 1.1.01 and it remains compatible with Android devices running OS 1.5 or later. In terms of new features, those using Skitch for Android can expect to see support for cropping as well as smoother lines. Breaking these down a bit further and the team over at Evernote describe the changes as being;

Let’s say you have an image in Evernote that needs some adjusting. Tap on it, then open it in Skitch. Now, you can crop the image to be whatever size you like. You can do this with images you don’t have saved in Evernote. Open Skitch and snap a photo or choose an existing one, then crop to your heart’s content.

Smoother Lines
Using your finger to draw something quickly is one of the many things that makes Skitch so much fun. With this update, we’ve made lines much smoother, so they follow your movements more accurately and looks way better.

Via [Evernote]

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