Will you wait for a discounted, ad-supported Kindle Fire tablet?

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Today, Amazon is expected to launch the Kindle Fire, a tablet aimed at making the Amazon shopping experience better. Word has come rather quickly that a second generation will be hot on the heels of the first release, perhaps releasing as soon as Q1 2012. With this fast a product life plan, we’ve got to wonder if consumers will hold off for a discounted, advertisement-supported Fire, like the ones Amazon current offers for the Kindle ebook reader.

There is much talk about how the TouchPad $99 price looks to be a real sweet spot price point for tablets. Presumably, Amazon will price their Fire what the market will bear. To me, that sounds like higher than $99 with the iPad at $499. Will consumers hold off, thinking that something better or something cheaper is just around the corner? No one likes to look stupid.

Amazon’s been down the discounted ad-supported road before. Will Amazon customers expect the version and hold off their buying decision? We’ll be watching the numbers as best we can.

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