Amazon launches Silk, a new web browser

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Amazon Silk

Amazon today announced its new tablet, the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire’s OS is a heavily modified Android, so it makes sense that the browser is also heavily modified. Packed in the Amazon Fire is a whole new web browser dubbed Silk.

Amazon calls Silk a “split browser” which means that much of the processing is done in the cloud. With Silk, instead of the web browser taking all the data directly from each website’s servers, that data goes to Amazon’s cloud service where it can be delivered much more easily. That means some aspects could be compressed, but it would be just to make the website easier to load, with no quality lost. Silk will also learn from users’ usage patterns, and try to predict what page you’ll go to next after visiting the on you’re one. For example, if most people on the CNN website go to the US news page next, the US news page will preload in the cloud and be sent to your Kindle Fire much more quickly when you click on that link.

It sounds like a great way to use a browser, though it would be nice if the browser was available on more than just the Kindle Fire. For now, it sounds like a great addition to the already great-sounding tablet.

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