Amazon’s ad-subsidized Kindles are here to stay

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Kindle Touch 3G

Amazon may have hit a home run today by revealing a family of new Kindle products. We’ve been introduced to the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G and a redesigned original Kindle. One of the best things about the new Kindles are their prices. The smaller Kindle starts at only $79, which will most likely go on to sell millions of units. In order to make the Kindle so cheap, Amazon included Special Offers. In fact, Special Offers can be found on all of their e-readers announced today.

If you don’t want ads on your new Kindle, you’ll have to pay $109 instead of $79. An ad-free Kindle Touch is $139 and the Kindle Touch 3G jumps to $189 without ads.

As you probably know by now, Special Offers are advertisements that act as screensavers. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the ads look more like artwork which leads some people to think they aren’t ads at all. These ads help to lower to cost of the various Kindles.

The Kindle Fire does not have a Special Offers option. I wouldn’t rule it out, but if that were to happen, it will sell exceptionally well.

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