Amazon doesn’t care if you root the Kindle Fire

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Kindle Fire apps

Whenever a new tablet comes on the market, it almost immediately get the attention of hackers. The Kindle Fire is undoubtedly in the sights of people who really wants to hack its Android-powered innards. Amazon isn’t going to do anything to stop hackers either.

Jon Jenkins, who is the head of Amazon’s Silk browser initiative, told PC Magazine the Kindle Fire is going to get rooted eventually.

“It’s going to get rooted, and what you do after you root it is up to you,” Jenkins said.

The Kindle Fire is capable of running apps that are sideloaded onto it. That means you’ll be able to run applications that were not downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. It isn’t known if the Kindle Fire has a locked bootloader.

The vast majority of people who purchase a Kindle Fire aren’t going to root it. Most people won’t even know what that means. Amazon is going to use the Kindle Fire to sell more media and products. It will accomplish that goal regardless of a small community who intends to use it for other tasks.

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