Microsoft and Samsung enter cross-licensing deal

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Samsung and Microsoft enter cross-licensing deal

Microsoft has signed a cross-licensing deal with another major Android phone manufacturer, Samsung. That means Samsung will now be paying Microsoft royalties for each Android phone and tablet that uses those patents.

This deal makes Samsung the seventh manufacturer to enter a licensing deal with Microsoft in just the past three months. Paired with HTC’s agreement with the Redmond giant last year, Microsoft now gets royalties from two of the largest Android manufacturers. That leaves on Motorola, which is currently in a court process with Microsoft, but is also potentially being bought by Google. Microsoft is quick to say that this proves that licenses works, and that it can work amicably with manufacturers that infringe on patents. Microsoft also acknowledges that Google will cause more drama, and comes off acting as the calm adult trying to explain to the whiny teenager that although you think the rules are dumb, you still have to abide by them.

Along with the cross-licensing deal, Microsoft says that it will continue to work with Samsung on Windows Phone. There’s no sense in just defending patents when you have your own mobile OS to grow. Now not only can Samsung use Microsoft’s patents in making phones, but Microsoft can utilize Samsung’s patents in Windows Phone. Seems like a pretty good deal for Microsoft, at least.

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