Flickr comes to Android with some Instagram-esque filters

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Flickr Android App

It may take a while for Instagram to finally make its way to Android, but now there’s a new alternative from Yahoo. Today marks the official release of the Android Flickr app, which includes some new features that are seemingly taken from Instagram.

The Flickr app for Android brings along filters, so Android users can get in on the fun. There’s also the ability to geotag your photos on the app, and it will let your post the pictures to any other social network like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, again just like Instagram. Of course, you can also browse all photos on Flickr from the app, if that’s what you want, or you can just use it to upload the photos that are already on your phone, but where’s the fun in that?

Obviously Flickr isn’t the first Android app to offer filters for photos, but it does pair them with a sizable community. It’s not exclusive to the app like Instagram, but it’s still there. The only downside is that Flickr already has that established community. Part of Instagram’s charm is that it has the community only inside the app. Sure, you can publish the photos to other services, but it’s much easier to browse all your friends’ photos right within the app instead of wherever they decide to publish them. But, if all you really want is a way to take some pictures and add a few filters on an Android device, you could probably do much worse than Flickr.

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