Best Buy reduces hiring for upcoming holiday season

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The United States economy has prompted Best Buy to cut back on the number of temporary employees it’s going to hire during the holiday season of 2011. According to Reuters, Best Buy hired 29,000 temporary workers last holiday season, but will only hire 15,000 this year. As a result, current employees are expected to step up and work more hours to assist holiday shoppers.

One of Best Buy’s main concerns is the shopper’s will to purchase items they don’t need. Since the unemployment rate in the United States is current hovering around nine percent, Best Buy expects fewer dollars in its registers.

Best Buy will still put a sizable effort into attracting potential customers. Best Buy will price match other competitors during the peak of the shopping season and will put a lot of money into online and mobile advertising.

The hot items this holiday season are expected to be smartphones and tablets.

Earlier this year, Best Buy announced plans to expand its Best Buy Mobile business by having sections dedicated to tablets and hiring employees that specialize in mobile devices.

Via [Reuters]

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