Watch Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announce the Kindle Fire and new Kindles

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Amazon 2011 Kindles Yesterday we heard all about the new Kindles from Amazon, but most of us only got to read about it in other places, or just look at them on Amazon’s website. Today we can watch Jeff Bezos announce the new Kindles as if we were there.

Well, it won’t be like you’re there with Bezos given the low quality of the video, but it’s better than nothing. Today Amazon has put a video online of Jeff Bezos giving the presentation to announce the new Kindle lineup. There’s no real surprises here, except that Amazon apparently couldn’t afford better cameras to record the event, as the video maxes out at a blurry 360p. Still, you get to watch Bezos talk all about the new products that you already know all about. It’s great for nothing else but watching Jeff Bezos trying to do his best Steve Jobs-esque presentation.

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