The iPod classic might die soon as click wheel games are removed from iTunes

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iPod Click Wheel Games are gone

It looks like the rumors of the iPod classic’s impending death were in fact true. Today, the iPod classic loses the ability to get new games, as they are nowhere to be found on iTunes.

Until today, buried at the bottom of the Apps Store drop down menu there was an option for iPod Click Wheel Games. That option is now nowhere to be found. Gone, too, are the games if you try to search by them by name. So, if you have a few that you don’t want to lose for whatever reason, make sure you don’t delete them, or be sure that they’re backed up before you do. The iPod Click Wheel Games section had a good run, though. It debuted in 2006 with a few Apple made apps, followed by apps from publishers like EA and Square-Enix. Some developers like Harmonix even took advantage of the early App Store predecessor. It’s sad to think that those games like Phase are forever lost in the ether.

The demise of iPod Click Wheel Games lends some credit to the rumors that the iPod classic will be no more in the near future. Apple hasn’t updated the device in a while, it’s just been hanging around as the option for those who really need the extra storage. With Apple moving toward Flash storage though, it was obvious the iPod classic with it’s spinning disk would be phased out or changed beyond recognition soon. If the iPod classic dies, there’s no space for those who want more than 64GB of storage on their music player, but you could argue that with iCloud you get a lot more (assuming you bought your music from iTunes, or buy iTunes Music Match). Hopefully this means we’ll see some storage bumps in the iPod touch, but that seems doubtful.

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