T-Mobile teams with Walmart for $30 prepaid 4G plan

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Walmart T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers will have another prepaid option available to them on October 16. By joining forces with Walmart, T-Mobile will have a monthly 4G prepaid plan that places an emphasis on data and messaging at the expense of anytime minutes. For $30 a month, customers can get unlimited text, unlimited web and 100 voice minutes. This plan will be available at Walmart stores, Walmart’s website and T-Mobile’s website.

The data plan covers “unlimited” access, but it’s T-Mobile’s version of what unlimited means. Customers will only get 4G speeds until they reach a 5GB cap. At that point, speeds will be throttled down to 2G. There’s no catch to the unlimited text feature, but the 100 minute allotment can be quickly used up by people who aren’t big talkers. If that were to happen, they’ll be charged 10 cents for every minute they go over.

Walmart is also getting its first prepaid 4G phone soon. If you don’t already have a phone that’s capable of 4G speeds, it’s best to wait for Walmart’s new phone in order to take advantage of the unlimited data features.

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