Sprint spent $20 billion on 30.5 million iPhones

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Just how bad does Sprint want the next iPhone? Apparently Sprint is so confident (or dependent) on this device that it is willing to pay $20 billion on iPhones over the next four years. The Wall Street Journal reports Sprint has committed to purchasing 30.5 million iPhones from Apple in a deal that won’t be profitable for the carrier until 2014.

Sprint is depending on the iPhone to help it retain customers in addition to gaining new ones. Verizon and AT&T are happily basking in customers who have migrated to their networks just for the iPhone. Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse has even said the iPhone is the main factor customers consider when choosing a carrier. Sprint has the advantage of a true unlimited plan which it plans to keep active for when the iPhone launches on its network. That alone may be enough to make users consider Sprint.

What’s even more interesting is a Boy Genus Report source stating Sprint is exclusively getting the iPhone 5 while Verizon and AT&T will be stuck with the iPhone 4S until 2012. The iPhone 5 for Sprint will supposedly support 4G WiMAX speeds and have a 4-inch display.

The air is saturated with iPhone speculation right now. All will finally be laid to rest during Apple’s iPhone event on Tuesday.

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