Evernote for iOS updated to version 4.1.2; brings improved formatting, checkboxes and iOS 5 support

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It looks like Evernote has recently rolled out another update in terms of their iOS app, which is universal and made for both the iPhone and iPad. This latest update brings the app up to version 4.1.2 and it comes with a few new features as well as support for iOS 5. Yup, Evernote will be supported on iOS 5 devices from the day Apple releases the update. In terms of those new features, some of the big ones include improved formatting, checkboxes and the ability to edit notes in shared notebooks. Speaking in terms of the improvements to formatting, the Evernote team breaks that down as follows;

  • Better simplified text: When trying to edit a complex note with elements that cannot be edited, Evernote presents an option to simplify the text. This process preserves many of the elements in the note, and removes others (tables, fonts and CSS styles are not preserved). Today’s update improves this functionality significantly to give you a simplified version that is as true to the original as possible, including preserving images, files and encrypted elements.
  • Better font handling: Evernote for iOS preserves your default font settings, so content edited on iOS will display in the correct default font when viewed on the desktop.
  • Encrypted elements appear in-line:If a note that you’re editing contains encrypted text, the encryption will now be shown in-line.

And moving past that, the complete change log according to the App Store listing reads as follows;

  • Create and edit notes in notebooks shared with you
  • Improved copy and paste support
  • Create and edit checkboxes for lists and to-dos
  • Improved handling of simplified text
  • Edit notes that contain encrypted text
  • Images, files and encryption are in-line in simplified notes
  • Improved handling of new-lines in notes, new lines are preserved

Via [Evernote Blog]

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