Would you pay $60 to rent a movie?

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Tower Heist

Movie studios are looking into new business models just as book publishers and music labels have done. One new method will be tested by Universal Pictures and Comcast in November. Comcast customers in Portland and Atlanta will be able to rent the upcoming film Tower Heist for $60 while it’s still in theaters.

Comcast customers with a digital cable subscription and access to a HDTV can rent the film on November 23. The rental period will last for two days and can be watched an unlimited number of times within that period.

Spending $60 to rent a film sounds silly, but it can have advantages in certain situations. For example, someone can have a movie night with a bunch of friends that all chip in for the movie. They can bring their own food and watch the film two or more times for good measure. In the end, a single person could end up paying less altogether.

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  • Paul Bradshaw

    Maybe if said "friend" has a 500 inch screen and a $10'000 THX sound system ….