Amazon sets rules for developing Kindle Fire apps

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Kindle Fire apps

Amazon has laid out some ground rules on developing apps for the Kindle Fire. Amazon wants to make sure that developers follow strict guidelines so that the first Kindle Fire-optimized apps will work as well as possible. Among the restrictions are Amazon’s requirements that apps do not use Google Mobile Services and a number of additional features the Kindle Fire does not have.

Kindle Fire apps have to be optimized for Android 2.3.4. and support the Kindle’s 7-inch 1024 x 600 screen. The apps also can’t rely on certain features in order to function. Apps cannot require access to a gyroscope, camera, Bluetooth, microphone, WAN module, microSD cards or GPS. In other words, apps can’t require anything the Kindle Fire can’t do on its own.

Amazon also doesn’t want anyone tampering the Kindle Fire user interface. It will not accept wallpaper or theme apps.

Apps that support in-app purchases also have to conform to Amazon guidelines. The Kindle Fire will not run apps that use Google’s in-app payment technologies.

Amazon also recommends developers that upgrade their apps to Ice Cream Sandwich should make sure their app’s API’s are backwards compatible with Gingerbread.

Via [Amazon Developer Portal]

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