Hacker puts Windows 8 on a Cr-48

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Cr-48 Windows 8 Developer Preview

Still looking for a good use for that Cr-48 you have lying around? How about putting Windows 8 Developer Preview on it? That’s what one hacker did, and it seems to work out fairly well.

Windows 8 will boot on the Cr-48 in just twelve seconds, but it takes a bit longer to get the OS onto the machine. The process involves putting the device into developer mode and flashing a new BIOS onto it. From there you can install Windows 8 from a USB drive as you would normally. There’s also some software to be installed to get multitouch working on the trackpad and the 3G modem to work. Once you do all that, you have a fully functioning Windows 8 netbook. Thankfully, Windows 8 was designed to be able to run on the poor specs of machines like the Cr-48.

Keep in mind, however, that the Developer Preview isn’t intended to be used for everyday use, and it does lack apps. There’s no native email or calendar apps built in, and not everything will support the OS. But, if you’re willing to try it out, it might be a good use for that free Chromebook you have lying around. You could always install Windows 8 on any other netbook, but they wouldn’t look nearly as nice as the Cr-48 does.

Read [Cr-48 Wikispaces] via [liliputing]

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