iPhone 4S pre-orders are over 1 million

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Apple iPhone 4S

Despite many saying they were disappointed with the iPhone 4S, Apple sold a record number of pre-orders int he first day. Within 24 hours of the iPhone 4S going up for pre-order more than 1 million units were ordered, topping Apple’s previous record of 600,000.

The iPhone 4S had the best pre-order numbers of any Apple product ever. The previous single day top seller was the iPhone 4, so demand for the revised edition is even higher than it was before. With those numbers it seems like a lot of people were holding out with their iPhone 3GS, or a lot of people have been waiting for their carrier to get the iPhone at the same time as every other carrier. There’s also a chance that there’s a good number of iPhone 4 owners that are upgrading to the new hotness, assuming they’re able to do so.

One Million sold is a great record for Apple, but I wonder what it means for Android. People who bought the original Droid on Verizon I due for upgrades, and there’s a chance some were waiting on this new iPhone to make the switch. There’s also all those Sprint users who are loyal to the carrier but really wanted an iPhone instead of the Android, WebOS, and Windows Phone devices they’ve been offered. The numbers I really want to see have more to do with how Apple’s market share changes in relation to Android’s. But, we’ll have to wait a while for those.

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