Spotify may have accidentally violated your music privacy

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Spotify Facebook integration

Spotify was recently rid of a bug that kept users signed in to Facebook even after they chose to disconnect their Facebook accounts from Spotify. Even though Spotify users may not have noticed, the music they were listening to may have been posted in the Facebook live News Ticker without their permission. This kind of oversight does not bode well for Facebook’s idea of frictionless sharing which automatically posts what a person is listening to or reading on Facebook at all times. Privacy groups are already skeptical about how easy it is for Facebook user data to be made public, and this situation won’t help to win them over.

Here’s a little bit of backstory: Spotify users who signed up for the service before the Facebook integration have to option of connecting and disconnecting their accounts from Facebook. If their accounts are connected, every song they listen to is posted on Facebook. Newer Spotify users weren’t allowed to turn this option off initially, and were required to have a Facebook account to use Spotify. Spotify later introduced a private listening feature that hid song selections from Facebook, but it also caused one of Spotify’s privacy features to break.

If a Spotify user disconnected their Facebook account, Spotify would automatically log them back in whenever the Spotify application was launched.

AllThingsD asked Spotify about the bug and were told,”The issue you were experiencing with the disconnect from Facebook feature was a temporary bug, on account of us rolling out new clients with more privacy settings (such as Private Listening), which caused the feature to break. This feature is now fixed, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Via [AllThingsD]

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