Apple updates iTunes to 10.5, brings iTunes in the Cloud

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Apple iTunes 10.5

Just ahead of tomorrow’s iOS 5 release Apple has updated iTunes to version 10.5. The release will make sure you’re completely ready for iOS 5 while adding a few features.

With iTunes 10.5 you’ll be able to sync up your iOS device running iOS 5, both over wires and with the new Wi-Fi Syncing. The new version of iTunes will also push automatic downloads to all of your devices whenever you buy music through the iTunes Music Store. With iTunes 5 you’ll also be able to re-download all of your purchased TV shows, books, apps, and music, through iTune in the Cloud though that was already in the previous version fo iTunes for the most part.

The one new feature that you’ll find missing from iTunes 10.5 is iTunes Match. 10.5 will support it, but iTunes Match isn’t set for release until the end of the month. So when it is released you just have to pay the $25 per year to match all your music in iCloud. Then you’ll be able to download or stream it to any device you have.

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  • auravie .

    technology is advancing very faster. Apple bringing the itune to cloud technology is 1 live example of same.