Time Warner selling movies that are still in theaters

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Trespass film poster

Time Warner has began offering its video-on-demand customers access to brand new films on the same day they hit theaters. Starting today, Time Warner is selling pay-per-view access to the film Trespass starring Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman for $6.99 .The film is also available in theaters today as well. Time Warner will follow-up this strategy with Marginal Call on October 21.

Time Warner is also offering the movie Melancholia right now for its customers. Melancholia isn’t even in theaters yet and won’t be until November 11.

Customers can choose to rent the movies in standard definition or high definition.

This announcement comes days after Universal decided to not to allow Comcast customers in Portland and Atlanta access to the movie Tower Heist while it’s in theaters. Customers would have been charged $60 to rent Tower Heist for a couple days. The plan was scrapped after movie chains threatened not to show Tower Heist.

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