Google talks MMS for Google Voice, has made “first step” in making it available

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It was just a few days back that we began seeing some chatter about MMS coming to Google Voice. And well, it looks like Google has returned with an official confirmation, though before everyone gets super excited — that official confirmation is noted as being just a “first step.” Anyway, according to the information coming from Google;

“Google Voice users are now able to receive pictures and other multimedia messages from Sprint subscribers.”

Furthermore, as the early details suggested, those who wish to have this setup work will need to make sure they have text to email forwarding enabled in their Google Voice account.

Otherwise, Google also noted that they are “planning” to have the MMS messages also display in the Google Voice inbox, though nothing in terms of a timeline as to when. And lastly, as for other carriers and Google Voice in general, nothing solid as to when that will happen, however here is what Google had to say;

“We are working with other mobile operators to make this work across all mobile phones and will update our users as more and more operators offer support for this.”

Via [Google Voice Blog]

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