Google pulls Google Voice app from the iOS App Store, promises a new version ASAP

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Those who are using an iPhone and find themselves relying on Google Voice may have some issues. It seems that the official Google Voice iPhone app has been pulled from the iOS App Store. The details have come by way of the @googlevoice Twitter account where they make mention that the app has been removed due to a sign in bug and a promise of a “new version for you ASAP.” And well, aside from that we are not all that certain which iPhone or which versions were being affected specifically. As for us, we are running Google Voice version on a Verizon iPhone 4 that has been updated to iOS 5 and have not had any issue. Either way though, if you were looking for the app in the App Store, at least you now know why you could not find it.

Via [Twitter @googlevoice]

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  • hcgactivator .

    i haven't used iphone yet thats why I cant say if there was any problem. But, I guess pulling of an is not a solution, they should get the bug fixed and replace app immediately. I guess hundreds of people rely on that app for using Google voice on there iphones.