Rdio founder’s latest venture is a Netflix competitor called Vdio

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Netflix is going to take on a new competitor that was founded by Skype, KaZaA and Rdio co-founder Janus Friis. The service is called Vdio, and it’s currently in closed beta. Only UK residents can test the service right now, but Vdio will most likely find its way to the United States in due time since it has an office in Santa Monica, CA.

Very little is known about Vdio, but a Q&A sent to GigaOM answers at least a few questions. Vdio is a service that lets users instantly watch movies and TV shows. Vdio’s website has images from movies and TV shows such as Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Mad Men and A Clockwork Orange. A link to log in to Facebook is also on the page, but it’s pretty much useless for U.S. residents.

Vdio differentiates itself from the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm by saying,”We think people will love using VDIO.”

Vdio doesn’t have set pricing at this time.

Site [Vdio] Via [GigaOM]

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