T-Mobile officially launches new contract free Monthly4G plans

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It looks like T-Mobile has announced some new Monthly4G plans. And as the name implies, these plans come as month-to-month offerings with no long term commitments. The new Monthly4G plan will be available by way of T-Mobile and is going to be priced at $60. As for what users will get for their $60 per month — features include unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2GB of data coming at 4G speeds. And for those who go over their 2GB limit, worry not because there will not be any overages or getting cut off — you will simply be throttled in speed.

And in addition, T-Mobile also unveiled three new Pay-by-the-Day plans which come priced at either $1, $2 or $3 per day. These Pay-by-the-Day plans break down as follows;

  • $1 per day includes unlimited texts and 10 cent per minute calling
  • $2 per day includes unlimited talk and text with unlimited 2G data
  • $3 per day includes unlimited talk and text with unlimited data, of which the first 200MB are at 4G speeds

Via [T-Mobile]

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