iOS 5 creates significantly more Twitter sign-ups

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iOS 5 Twitter

One of the biggest features in the iOS 5 update is Twitter support. iOS devices have gone beyond using Twitter applications by making Twitter a part of the operating system itself. It’s now possible to tweet links to websites right from Safari without the need for any external application. Developers can update their apps to add this functionality as well. This seems to have been a good partnership between Apple and Twitter because one-third of compatible devices have upgraded to iOS 5, and Twitter has seen an influx of sign ups stemming from iOS 5.

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo said Twitter had three times as many sign-ups last week. Costolo said the reception had been better than the company though it would be. More than 50 percent of Twitter users log-in everyday, and almost 250 million tweets are sent on a daily basis at this point.

As more individuals purchase iPhone 4S and iPod Touch units with iOS 5 pre-installed, it’s likely Twitter usage will continue to soar.

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