Lookout Mobile Security app looks after the security of your iPhone

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Lookout Mobile Security iPhone app

Given the degree of importance that our iPhone plays in our personal lives, it is but of uttermost importance that we ensure that our phone is always secure and safe from social predators. That’s where this new free iPhone app called Lookout comes in. This iPhone app has two dictum for its existence – to keep your iPhone safe and secure. The app came about after the developers studied several studies which identified that iPhone owners are more worried about data stored on their iPhone. iPhone users are also worried about the safety of Wi-Fi networks in public places. So, the Lookout iPhone app aims to answer those issues by uniting complete security and privacy protection. It helps you protect your iPhone and your personal information.

Lookout iPhone app lets you do several things including – finding your lost or stolen phone on a map and sending a loud alarm to find it nearby. It also notifies you of settings or software that could put your iPhone at risk, tells you if any of your iPhone software are outdated, and even informs you that if your iPhone is jailbroken. Additionally, the app also shows you which apps accesses your location so that you can decided whether which of these apps you will allow to continue to do so. And of course, the app also warns you if you are about to connect to an unsecured WiFi network.

With several nice features, the Lookout iPhone seems like a worthy download. Well, it’s free anyway so it’s worth checking out from the App Store.

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