YouTube gets more video editing software from WeVideo

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YouTube has been expanding its video editing suite lately. YouTube users can already edit previously uploaded videos and add enhancements such as video stabilization, color filters and music. Today, WeVideo will be providing its services to YouTube. It will join the ranks of Xtranormal Movie Maker, Magisto and Vlix as another editing option for YouTubers.

WeVideo handles all the processing and rendering on its servers, so the only thing you have to worry about is slapping together an interesting video. WeVideo provides basic video editing features. You can drag and drop content into a timeline, and track its progress in the preview window. You’ll also have the ability to add transitions, color effects and text. Another cool feature is video narration which can be done on your own microphone.

One of WeVideo’s most unique features is collaborative video creation. Your friends can provide you with video clips that you can add to your video. Collaborators can’t edit videos that aren’t theirs.

Look for WeVideo to launch later today.

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