T-Mobile still trying to woo customers away from the iPhone

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T-Mobile USA is in a tough spot right now. It is the only major U.S. carrier that doesn’t carry the iPhone. This a very big deal especially since regional carrier C Spire Wireless managed to acquire the iPhone 4S for its much smaller base of customers. In a statement on Thursday, T-Mobile senior vice president Andrew Sherrard attempted to convince customers that even though T-Mobile doesn’t offer the iPhone, it still has many reasons why customers should stick with T-Mobile.

Sherrard started by saying T-Mobile wanted to start selling the iPhone, but Apple decided against it for whatever reason. He asserted that Apple’s current iPhone models were also not developed to work on T-Mobile’s networks with data speeds that are comparable to competitors.

To make up not having the iPhone, Sherrard continued to promote the products and services T-Mobile currently has. You know the drill by now. T-Mobile says its phones have faster data speeds, bigger screens, and its prices are lower than other carriers.

Clearly those things aren’t keeping over a million people from putting up with T-Mobile’s EDGE speeds on their unlocked iPhones. It’s clear people don’t care about massive screens and options when it comes the iPhone. They just want the iPhone.

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  • slurm

    When I switched from Tmobile to att for the iphone 4 last year they tried to get me to stay by telling me I could use the iPhone on their network… Also why would I sign on twitter for this post if it means you can "post tweets for me???" THAT IS STUPID