DirecTV may lose over two dozen channels

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DirectTV customers are finding themselves days way from potentially having 25 fewer channels than they do now. Bloomberg reports DirecTV may pull Fox-owned channels such as National Geographic and FX as early as the beginning of November. DirecTV and Fox has to reach an agreement on pricing or else those channels will disappear.

Fox is reportedly raising the prices of the channels it owns by as much as 40 percent. DirecTV believes that is far too much of an increase to be acceptable. As a result, DirecTV customers would have to pay 40 percent more for the channels they currently have.

DirecTV has addressed this issue on its website by answering several common subscriber questions.

“DIRECTV customers help to pay News Corp and Fox nearly a billion dollars annually for their channels and we have no issue with continuing to provide them fair compensation,” reads the DirecTV site. “But News Corp is now demanding that you and our other customers pay close to 40% more for the same Fox channels you already receive today and that’s simply unfair.”

If a deal is not reached, customers will not lose access to local Fox stations or Fox News.

In an effort to win customer confidence, DirecTV pointed out it resolves disputes with channel providers with a 99 percent success rate.

Via [DirecTV] Read [Bloomberg]

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  • Rah

    DIRECTV is really slacking and need to do something for their customers. I would be so upset if this was me but thankfully it is not. I'm a customer and employee with DISH and we just signed a long term contract with FOX and don't have to worry about it. You should switch to DISH now. I wouldn’t take the chance of losing Sons of Anarchy or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.