Google Music store will also be connected to Google+

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Google Music

Google is connecting all it can to Google+. We see Google+ integration on websites, Google search results and we’ll even see it in the upcoming redesign of Google Reader. Google+ will also sink its claws into Google’s upcoming music store. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google+ may do for Google Music what Facebook has done for Spotify.

Google+ will reportedly encourage Google+ users to buy suggested songs by allowing them to listen to the songs for free. Those songs will be determined by what your Google+ friends are interested in. The songs can only be listened to once before a purchase will have to be made. At this time, it isn’t known how much Google will charge for songs, but chances are they will be around $0.99 a piece.

Facebook does something similar with Spotify by letting friends listen to the same song at the same time. The biggest difference between the two is ownership of the songs. Spotify is more of a streaming music service whereas Google Music will be more like iTunes or the Amazon MP3 store.

It’s also believed purchases from the Google Music store will be uploaded to the cloud so users can access their music anywhere.

The Google Music store is expected to open for business within the next couple weeks.

Via [Wall Street Journal]

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