Nokia brings offline maps to iOS and Android

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Nokia Maps For iOS & Android

Nokia still hasn’t given up on Maps, and today it’s upgraded the HTML5 version for iOS and Android users. Now you can download local maps through the HTML5 app, and check public transportation as well.

With the recent upgrades to Nokia Maps on mobile devices you can now download maps over Wi-Fi. The maps you download are just “neighborhood maps,” so it won’t be everything, but should be enough for your general area. Or, if you can go to a Wi-Fi hotspot in a new city to download the maps there. You can then use those maps to check your public transportation, though only in terms of where it stops. You won’t be necessarily be able to check times on the public transportation, which is a shame, but it’s better than nothing.

Of course, you’ll also get driving and walking directions, as well as points of interest in your area. Not a bad deal for an HTML5 app, especially if you don’t like native Google Maps.

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