Motorola to release Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule 6 weeks after Google releases it

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Motorola has taken to Twitter in response to one of the many Ice Cream Sandwich related update questions and offered up a rough estimate in terms of when we will begin seeing Android 4.0 come available for their existing devices. And in short, it looks like anyone that may be waiting — still has some time left. According to Motorola, they plan to release an update schedule “6 weeks after Google releases the final version.” In other words, if you want to find out if and/or when your Motorola Android device is going to get Android 4.0 then you need to wait until Google makes it public and then wait another 6 weeks. And then from that point you will likely be waiting for a while longer while Motorola does their thing with testing. Bottom line, if you are a current device owner waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich — you have some time before that notification will show up on your device.

Via [Twitter @Motorola] and [Droid-Life]

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