Confirmed: The Galaxy Nexus will not feature a Gorilla Glass display

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Even though Samsung never explicitly stated the 4.65 inch touch screen display would consist of Gorilla Glass, many mistakenly believed that the Galaxy Nexus would feature Gorilla Glass. Fortunately, Corning, the manufacturers of Gorilla Glass, came out with a statement today confirming the fact that the Galaxy Nexus will not launch with its patented Gorilla Glass.

Here is the full statement from their Tweet:

For all who have asked, just confirmed @Corning Gorilla® Glass is not on the new Galaxy Nexus. For further details please contact Samsung.

While this may come as disappointing news for some interested consumers, it is worth reminding — as fellow writer Jeremy Hill points out — it is not always the hardware that matters, but the software integration. The Galaxy Nexus already features top-of-the-line specs, but what makes the smartphone special is its complete integration of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

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