Google Music store peeks its head out

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Google Music app

We know the Google Music store is real, but we don’t know when it will be launched. A recent report from the Wall Street Journal stated the Google Music store could open anytime within the next couple weeks. Google certainly appears to be preparing for something because the Google Music mobile site on Android smartphones clearly refers to an upcoming music store.

You can duplicate the screenshot to the right by visiting from an Android smartphone. One of the links directs users to the Android Market where they can can get access to “millions of songs.” Google also says hundreds of those songs are free. At this time, the “Shop Android Market” link is not active.

TechCrunch also pointed out how at least one link on the Google Music mobile site was once inactive, but now directs users to a page that introduces them to the music manager. This implies that Google is making some changes behind the scenes.

It shouldn’t be long before Google raises the curtain on its very own music store.

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