Redbox slightly increasing prices October 31

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On October 31, the cost for renting a DVD through Redbox will increase. Don’t worry, it isn’t anything like the 60% Netflix price hike. It’s more like 20%. Instead of paying a $1 to rent movies, the price will be $1.20. It sounds worse than it really is. The price for renting Blu-rays and games will stay the same at $1.50 and $2.00 a night.

Redbox decided to raise prices partly due to an increase in debit card fees it has to pay.

There is a way to briefly continue to get DVDs at the $1 for the first night. You’ll have to reserve the DVDs online from October 31 to November 30. Redbox will continue to charge $1.20 for any additional nights the DVD isn’t returned.

We don’t think Redbox will get the same kind of backlash Netflix received. Spending $1.20 to rent a new movie is still pretty good.

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