Dell announces the Latitude ST tablet

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Dell Latitude ST

With so many tablets available in the market right now, it can get quite confusing as to which one really deserves to be used by professional workers. Hence, Dell is offering an option by way of launching its new Dell Latitude ST tablet. Geared for both mobile and IT professionals, the Latitude ST has one particular feature that some other tablets may not have – it runs Windows 7 Professional for its OS. Additionally, Dell said that the Latitude ST is convenient to use and lightweight and will please IT departments for its support for enhanced security and manageability.Said tablet comes with a 10-inch multi-touch display with stylus, Intel Atom processors, front and rear cameras, microphone, Skype video conferencing, built-in ports and a screen display made of anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass screen and TPU overmold. The Dell Latitude ST will be available on November 1.

Via [Direc2Dell]

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