Barnes & Noble Nook Color 2 could be coming November 7

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Amazon’s Kindle Fire will have some more competition in early November. Barnes & Noble is said to be releasing it’s new tablet, the Nook Color 2 on November 7.

The news comes from The Digital Reader which heard of some Barnes & Noble stores that are getting expanded Nook sections to house the new tablet. As a side note, my local Barnes & Noble has a sign up advertising a larger Nook section coming soon. These new areas would house Barnes & Noble’s follow up to the Nook Color, and possibly other devices. The Nook Color 2 is should compete with the Kindle Fire in price, and have a spec bump over the previous version. What other features it might entail we don’t know. One thing is for sure, though: Barnes & Noble can’t let it get overshadowed by the Kindle Fire any more than the current Nook Color already is.

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