Google announces some new Google+ features

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Google+ Creative Kit

Google is adding new features to Google+ it can almost be too much to keep up with. Google recently announced not just one, but three new features to it’s new social network.

The first new feature for Google+ is a way to find out to what’s popular across the network. It’s called What’s Hot, and it’s something like Trending Topics on Twitter, but more useful. Instead of just seeing keywords that others are posting you see the full posts, just like you’d see them in your stream. It’s a fairly small feature, but an interesting one to see what others are talking about. It’s almost like going to the front page of Reddit without having to click links to see the gifs.

if you see a particularly popular post, you can use another new feature, Ripples to see how that post has spread. Ripples shows you a map of how that post has spread, who shared it, and who commented on it (assuming it’s public, of course). Ripples will show you stats on the post, who had the most influence on it, the longest chain of shares, shares per hour, and the break down of languages among other numbers. There’s also the option to view the post from any point in it’s history, playing it back through time to see how it spread throughout the network. For average users it’s a cool idea, but not useful. For those who are popular on the network, though, it could be a great sort of analytic tool.

The final new feature is Creative Kit. Simply put, Creative Kit allows you to edit your photos right in Google+. It’s fairly similar to photo editing on Picnik, probably because Google bought the company back in March. You select the option from the photo light box, and you’ll find the standard crop, colors, and sharpen as well as special effects and filters. It’s a pretty decent selection at the moment. Google is holding a contest for the best Halloween photos, and has some special effects to go along with the holiday theme in the photo editor.

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