Samsung becomes the biggest smartphone seller, beats Apple

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Yes you read it right folks. Samsung just beats Apple into becoming the biggest smartphone seller and that’s on a global scale. However, this was according to U.K.-based Strategy Analytics Milton Keynes and their data was based on the last quarter’s smartphone sales. According to their report, Apple has shipped 17.1 million iPhones or around 14.6% of the market. While Samsung was able to sell 28.7 million smartphones or around 23.8% of the market. Nokia slipped behind Apple and got the third spot after Apple overtook them. Strategy Analytics attributed Samsung’s smartphone sales increase to the combination of hardware designs and Android services which are carried out in most of the Samsung handsets released so far. The study did not include yet the sales of iPhone 4S which as of late is reportedly raking up numbers in the sales chart. The iPhone 4S sales stat might push Apple nearer Samsung but then, Samsung already has something to compete with the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy Nexus which is slated to be released in November. And of course Android 4.0 which might also support the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Nexus S. If that’s the case, this might spark some more interest to customers and result into increase sales for both devices.

Via [Business Week]

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  • The Gnome

    Wow, how many of you bloggers know the difference between "shipped" and "sold". Also, when Samsung is not releasing actual numbers, how do you come to these conclusions… guess? Furthermore, what a huge feat – a copy-cat company that makes tons of devices on many networks beats just one device? Ha… this is just funny.