Fox shows are safe on DirecTV

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DirecTV continues to be successful in diffusing disagreements with network content providers before things got too out of hand. DirecTV customers were on the verge of losing a lot of Fox channels such as FX, Speed and the National Geographic Channel due to a pricing dispute with Fox. DirecTV felt Fox asking customers to pay 40 percent more a month for the same channels was unfair. Unless the two came to an agreement, several Fox channels would have been suspended starting November 1. Well you don’t have to worry about that now. DirecTV and Fox reached an agreement hours before the deadline to keep those channels flowing to DirecTV customers.

DirecTV and Fox would not release the terms of its agreement, but the contract will last for at least a few years.

Customers don’t have to do anything different to keep receiving channels. DirecTV made no mention of potential price increases either. All in all, it seems everything worked out for everyone.

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